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Gift Certificates

Our course is designed to be taken as individual sessions or as a complete course. Train Your Bike (bike handling) and Truth & Techniques (classroom session) can be taken individually in any order. To sign up for a Tour of Your City, you must have taken or be signed to take the other two classes prior to the tour class. Individual sessions are $45 per session. A package of three sessions (the full course) is $95. A package may be used to take the sessions at any time.

Learn more about our course and what we teach in the sessions here.

Gift Certificate - Full Course

Gift certificate for full course.

$ 95

Gift Certificate - Individual Session

Gift certificate for a single session. (Truth & Techniques, Train Your Bike or Tour)

$ 45

Gift Certificate - CyclingSavvy Online

Dive deep, at your own pace, anywhere!


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“It's healthy, empowering and – most of all – fun.”

Michie O'Day
Portland, ME

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