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Gift Certificates

Our course is designed to be taken as individual sessions or as a complete course. Train Your Bike (bike handling) and Truth & Techniques (classroom session) can be taken individually in any order. To sign up for a Tour of Your City, you must have taken or be signed to take the other two classes prior to the tour class. Individual sessions are $45 per session. A package of three sessions (the full course) is $95. A package may be used to take the sessions at any time.

Learn more about our course and what we teach in the sessions here.

Gift Certificate - Full Course

Gift certificate for full course.

$ 95

Gift Certificate - Individual Session

Gift certificate for a single session. (Truth & Techniques, Train Your Bike or Tour)

$ 45

Gift Certificate - CyclingSavvy Online

Dive deep, at your own pace, anywhere!


Making a difference in people's lives by empowering them to use their bikes to go anywhere they want, safely and confidently.Like CyclingSavvy on Facebook Follow CyclingSavvy on Twitter

“I discovered my new bike park...the city streets of Dallas.”

Tim Tomlinson
Dallas, TX

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