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Classes for Gainesville / Ocala

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CyclingSavvy is a three-part course:
    Truth & Techniques (classroom), Train Your Bike (on-bike skills), and the Tour of Your City.
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Truth & Techniques of Traffic Cycling
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Train Your Bike
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About this Group

Gainesville / Ocala Instructors

Jacob Adams

I have been cycling since my childhood. I see bikes as a great tool for creating equity and sustainability in our lives. I have worked with nearly all aspects of cycling: mechanic, shop manager, race organizer, teacher, community organizer, racer, bicycle programmer. I currently oversee bicycle programming at the University of Florida through the UF Office of Sustainability. I am a firm believer in the magic of Cycling Savvy and look forward to working with future savvy cyclists!

Keri Caffrey

I love to empower individual cyclists to ride with confidence wherever they want to go. I believe we can transform our traffic culture, through education and social marketing, into one which recognizes that roads are for all people, not just the ones driving cars.

The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark. —Michelangelo

Lee Sisselsky

I've been riding in traffic my whole life but only doing it properly since completing the Cycling Savvy course in 2013. I was so impressed with the training and the new freedom it provided, I became a certified CS Instructor in early 2014.

CyclingSavvy gave me the tools and confidence I needed to start commuting to work by SunRail/Bike when SunRail first opened in Orlando in May, 2014. Cycled 7 miles each way on Sand Lake Rd, during rush hour. Turned out, it was the least stressful part of my day!

Captain of the Lockheed Martin Cycling Team for the American Diabetes Association's annual Tour de Cure fundraising event since 2013 and Route Planning Chair for the Orlando TdC event since 2011.

Lisa Walker

What I love most about being a CyclingSavvy instructor is seeing the smiles on the faces of novices as they drive their bicycles through complex intersections that the most seasoned cyclists avoid! My first driving experience was on my robin's egg blue Raleigh bicycle. I would ride up and down the streets of Webster, NY (Rochester area), pretending that I was driving a car. My mom even has me on 8mm film "parallel parking" my bike at the downtown Woolworths! My Raleigh is long gone but my passion for bicycling remains. I look forward to sharing the CyclingSavvy strategies…and to the smiles. Let's ride!


Making a difference in people's lives by empowering them to use their bikes to go anywhere they want, safely and confidently.Like CyclingSavvy on Facebook Follow CyclingSavvy on Twitter

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“All was much easier than it appeared on the surface and it gave me much more confidence.”

Nancy French
Fort Worth, TX

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