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Classes for Northern New England

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CyclingSavvy is a three-part course:
    Truth & Techniques (classroom), Train Your Bike (on-bike skills), and the Tour of Your City.
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Truth & Techniques of Traffic Cycling
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About this Group

Northern New England Instructors

John Allen

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Photos of the May 2017 course I taught in Boston with Pam Murray.

John Allen photo

I ride for transportation in everyday clothes, also in (gasp!) spandex with a recreational bicycle club and on overnight tours. I am the author of the booklet Bicycling Street Smarts, and technical writer and editor at, a site mostly about bicycle customization and maintenance. I wish to teach so that other people can experience the freedom and self-confidence which I know as a cyclist.

John Brooking

I have commuted by bike since 2002. In 2006, I started a Meetup group for local bike commuters, and have served on the Portland Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee and the Bicycle Coalition of Maine board of directors. I'm currently on the BCM's Legislative and Policy Committee and Law Enforcement Collaborative. In addition to teaching CyclingSavvy, I teach with BCM's Bikes for All Mainers adult program, the Maine Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety Education program for children, and am a certified councilor for the Boy Scout Cycling merit badge. Professionally, I am a computer programmer, and in my downtime I enjoy listening to and playing music (mostly piano), and reading.

Eli Damon

I was born in 1977. I am principally a math teacher and have been teaching since the age of 17. I have a B.E. in computer engineering from SUNY Stony Brook (2000) and a Ph.D. in mathematics from Umass Amherst (2008). I first learned to ride a bike, in the common sense, at age 7. Due to a visual disability I cannot acquire a driver's license. I once thought of this limitation as a severe one. I made some trips by foot, bike, and bus, and relied on friends and family members with cars to give me rides for some other trips. For the most part, however, the difficulty I had in traveling prevented me from living what most people would consider a full life. I learned to DRIVE a bike at age 27, and it radically transformed my life. Suddenly, I could go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted, in a reliable, flexible, carefree manner. It felt as if I was no longer disabled. Now I travel almost entirely by bicycle. I have found that good cycling habits provide me with more freedom and flexibility than I could ever achieve through driving a motor vehicle. I have cycled in ten states and the District of Columbia, on a wide variety of roads under a wide variety of conditions. I have made trips of up to 200 miles.

Bill DeSantis

In addition to being a CS instructor, I am a civil engineer that designs bikeways and am also involved in drafting new bikeway design standards. So I bring a unique perspective to the Cycling Savvy experience which helps cyclists find their way and make their ride fun.

Bruce Lierman

I live in southern Vermont, and support CS courses in the New York Capital District, all of Vermont and Massachusetts west of the Berkshires, as well as assisting in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. I'm a CyclingSavvy Instructor because I believe this curriculum and philosophy provides the most effective and enjoyable approach to making yourself a confident and contributing part of the traffic mix. I also serve in several bike-ped and transportation organizations in Vermont.


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“It's healthy, empowering and – most of all – fun.”

Michie O'Day
Portland, ME

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