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CyclingSavvy is a three-part course:
    Truth & Techniques (classroom), Train Your Bike (on-bike skills), and the Tour of Your City.
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Truth & Techniques of Traffic Cycling
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Train Your Bike
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About this Group

Rochester Instructors

Blair Hornbuckle

Blair's classes are fun and energetic. He's shared successful traffic cycling strategies with youngsters five years old up to those still young at heart in their 90's. He loves facilitating the process of discovery, and helping students have their own big "AHA" moments as they gain confidence and comfort as bicycle drivers. He's especially interested in giving young people and seniors the experience of moving skillfully toward age-appropriate transportation independence. Blair has recently enjoyed riding Cycling Savvy city tours in St Louis, Pittsburgh, and Orlando, and riding as a daily commuter in San Diego. Blair lives in Brighton, NY, a Rochester suburb notable for its great cycling, including a significant section of the Erie Canal Trail. As New York State's first Cycling Savvy instructor, he is committed to supporting other aspiring instructors who want to be part of the Rochester teaching team, or to bring this powerful experience to their city. Let's go Buffalo, Syracuse, & Albany! And how about you, NYC?

Bruce Lierman

I live in southern Vermont, and support CS courses in the New York Capital District, all of Vermont and Massachusetts west of the Berkshires, as well as assisting in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. I'm a CyclingSavvy Instructor because I believe this curriculum and philosophy provides the most effective and enjoyable approach to making yourself a confident and contributing part of the traffic mix. I also serve in several bike-ped and transportation organizations in Vermont.

Chris Lundberg

I am an instructor in Biology and Mathematics at Allegheny College. I've lived in Meadville since 1999. For the last dozen years I've been cycling according to the principles that we teach in CyclingSavvy, and I've ridden over 40,000 miles in northwest PA since then. I use my bicycle to commute, to shop for groceries, to ride about town, to go birdwatching in the countryside, for exercise, or for just plain fun. In short, I'll ride my bicycle anywhere for just about any purpose. I'm very excited about the CyclingSavvy curriculum, and with the empowerment and techniques taught in CyclingSavvy, you'll also be able to operate your bicycle safely, confidently, and legally to reach your destination.

Lyle Seaman

I have been a cycling instructor for many years and had been avidly following the development of Cycling Savvy for some time before I was finally able to experience the new curriculum for myself. I am excited to offer Cycling Savvy to more students in Southwest PA. I have been a committed cyclist for transportation as well as recreation, in both Pittsburgh and Boston and their suburbs. In addition to cycling, I am a parent, pet owner, stage actor, cross-country ski instructor, software engineer and sometimes motorist.


Making a difference in people's lives by empowering them to use their bikes to go anywhere they want, safely and confidently.Like CyclingSavvy on Facebook Follow CyclingSavvy on Twitter

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“It's healthy, empowering and – most of all – fun.”

Michie O'Day
Portland, ME

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