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CyclingSavvy is a three-part course:
    Truth & Techniques (classroom), Train Your Bike (on-bike skills), and the Tour of Your City.
Truth & Techniques and Train Your Bike sessions are prerequisites for taking a City Tour session. As such, the City Tour sessions will not be visible below until you select both of the prerequisite sessions.

If you've ever taken a CyclingSavvy session in the past, LOGIN TO YOUR ACCOUNT NOW so your training history is accessed. That way, you will be able to see and register for City Tour sessions without having to register again for prerequisite sessions you've already completed.

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Truth & Techniques of Traffic Cycling
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Train Your Bike
There are currently no sessions scheduled in this area.
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Select Truth & Techniques of Traffic Cycling and Train Your Bike sessions to see available Tour sessions.
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Twin Cities Instructors

john hardy

I re-started bicycling after my Father had 2 heart attacks in the mid 90's and used bicycling as part of his rehab. Since then my wife and I have crossed the country twice with supported trips. The more I ride, the more I learn and enjoy riding. I am excited to help bring Cycling Savvy to the Twin Cities area so other riders can ride as confidently as I do.

. Hokan

I travel almost exclusively by bike, year-round. I go to work, do my grocery shopping, visit friends ... almost everything by bike.

I've been teaching bicycling for a long time because I think teaching is the best way to share the joy and utility I've found in riding my bicycle!

CyclingSavvy is a wonderful program and I am proud to be a part of it.


Making a difference in people's lives by empowering them to use their bikes to go anywhere they want, safely and confidently.Like CyclingSavvy on Facebook Follow CyclingSavvy on Twitter

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“It's healthy, empowering and – most of all – fun.”

Michie O'Day
Portland, ME

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