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Our Instructors

Name Location  
Jacob Adams Gainesville, FL About
John Allen Waltham, MA About
Tom Armstrong Louisville, KY About
Jim Baross San Diego, CA About
Jenn Bowers Louisville, KY About
John Brooking Westbrook, ME About
Matthew Brown St. Louis, MO About
Melissa Brown Saint Louis, MO About
Tom Bunn La Crescenta, CA About
Keri Caffrey Orlando, FL About
D Carrigan Yellow Springs, OH About
DeWayne Carver Tallahassee, FL About
David Colon Oviedo, FL About
brian cox irvine, CA About
Lucas Cruse St. Petersburg, FL About
Gary Cziko Los Angeles, CA About
Eli Damon Easthampton, MA About
Bill DeSantis Attleboro Falls, MA About
Brian DeSousa Orange, CA About
Roger DiBrito Florence, MT About
Randy Dull Columbus, OH About
Carl Fenske Greensboro, NC About
John Geminder Midland, MI About
Steven Goodridge Cary, NC About
Guy Hackett Cape Coral, FL About
Paul Hafford -, ME About
john hardy saint paul, MN About
. Hokan Minneapolis, MN About
Blair Hornbuckle Rochester, NY About
William Hunt Fountain Valley, CA About
David Jeffords Gahanna, OH About
Harold Karabell St. Louis, MO About
Karen Karabell St. Louis, MO About
Greg Kline Newport Beach, CA About
Stacy Kline Newport Beach, CA About
Tricia Kovacs Gahanna, OH About
Sue Kropscott Holland, MI About
Lester Leathem New Orleans, LA About
Bruce Lierman Bennington, VT About
Karen Loewen Tallahassee, FL About
Taylor Lonsdale Bozeman, MT About
Esther Lumsdon Cary, NC About
Chris Lundberg Meadville, PA About
Shannon Martin Nashville, TN About
Keith McLane Maitland, FL About
Laura Minns Orlando, FL About
Leslee Mitchell Lake Mary, FL About
Dan Moser Fort Myers, FL About
Tim Mulligan Saint Petersburg, FL About
Pamela Murray Charlotte, NC About
Brian Parent San Diego, CA About
Randy Profeta Irvine, CA About
Courtney Reynolds Longwood, FL About
Damon Richards Indianapolis, IN About
Brian Rogers Dallas, TX About
John Schubert Coopersburg, PA About
Ryan Scofield Bonita Springs, FL About
Lyle Seaman Pittsburgh, PA About
Debra Sension-Hall Missoula, MT About
Lee Sisselsky Longwood, FL About
Scott Slingerland Easton, PA About
Josh Stevens Midland, MI About
Katherine Tynan St. Louis, MO About
Pete van Nuys San Clemente, CA About
Jeffrey Viscount Charlotte, NC About
Lisa Walker Orlando, FL About
Jack Warman Durham, NC About
Brian Watson Bremerton, WA About
Mighk Wilson Orlando, FL About


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“The skills I learned in the Cycling Savvy course will be useful to me wherever I go, and I will be forever grateful.”

Diana Steele
Orlando, FL

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