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John Allen
Waltham, MA

I will be teaching the June 15-16 course in Portland, Maine with John Brooking. Or sign up for notification of future Boston-area courses here.

Photos of the May 2017 course I taught in Boston with Pam Murray.

John Allen photo

I ride for transportation in everyday clothes, also in (gasp!) spandex with a recreational bicycle club and on overnight tours. I am the author of the booklet Bicycling Street Smarts, and technical writer and editor at, a site mostly about bicycle customization and maintenance. I wish to teach so that other people can experience the freedom and self-confidence which I know as a cyclist.

Phone: 781 891-9307      Email:


Making a difference in people's lives by empowering them to use their bikes to go anywhere they want, safely and confidently.Like CyclingSavvy on Facebook Follow CyclingSavvy on Twitter

“Even after 23 years of riding a bicycle I learned some things that can keep me alive while riding on the road.”

John Sadowski
Dallas, TX

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