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Harold Karabell
St. Louis, MO

I live in the heart of the City of St. Louis, in a National Register historic district that's located almost exactly four miles due west of the Gateway Arch. I didn't merely travel to Orlando for initial CS training and instructor certification. I was "dragged there" by a fellow instructor who insisted that CS was "the best thing for urban bicycling" since my Surly Cross Check and that we just had to bring the curriculum to the Mound City. She was right: Even though I've been an urban cyclist on-and-off for the past 40 years and a dedicated one for most of the past two decades, I was "blown away" by the course and its creators. From the remarkable graphics to the extraordinarily useful communications skills (for example, "control and release"), CS is exactly what urban cyclists of any and all skill levels need for safe, joyous urban travel on two wheels. Now we need to spread the good news to a bicycling culture increasingly addicted to what frequently are self-defeating behavior patterns and unsafe infrastructure "improvements."

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“All was much easier than it appeared on the surface and it gave me much more confidence.”

Nancy French
Fort Worth, TX

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