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Stacy Kline
Newport Beach, CA

Like most people, I learned to ride a bike when I was quite young. A child of the 70s, I was taught bicycle driving from the start, and rode confidently all over my community. Although I never stopped riding, it wasn’t until I was in my early 40s that I started riding in earnest. I began bike commuting to work and signed up for my first century in 2009, unsure if I could ride such a long distance! My husband Greg (also a CSI) and I had so much fun that he suggested we give randonneuring (long distance, self-supported, cooperative cycling) a try. We are now committed ultra-distance cyclists and regularly complete rides of 100 - 750 miles ( I can honestly say that the bicycle driving skills taught in the Cycling Savvy program are skills that we use every time we ride, regardless of the distance, allowing us to ride confidently, comfortably, and competently on every ride.

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“The skills I learned in the Cycling Savvy course will be useful to me wherever I go, and I will be forever grateful.”

Diana Steele
Orlando, FL

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