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From Our Former Students

Cycling Savvy showed me how to read traffic patterns, how to ride confidently and let other road users clearly know my intentions, and how to gracefully integrate myself as part of the flow of traffic. What a difference! I have gradually expanded my cycling forays, and it just gets easier and more enjoyable. The skills I learned in the Cycling Savvy course will be useful to me wherever I go, and I will be forever grateful.

Diana Steele
Orlando, FL

I took this course and I heartily recommend this course to anyone who rides a bike. Even after 23 years of riding a bicycle I learned some things that can keep me alive while riding on the road.

John Sadowski
Dallas, TX

Ride segments were on busy streets such as Camp Bowie, 7th Street, University, 8th Ave, Lancaster with some lane positioning and intersections and construction zones that got me squeamish thinking about it. All was much easier than it appeared on the surface and it gave me much more confidence. I think that I have benefited more from this workshop than I ever would have from just going out for a breakfast ride, doing a hard ride, or sitting on the computer watching videos.

Nancy French
Fort Worth, TX

I took the first DFW CyclingSavvy course, and I must confess that this part of the course (see video) freaked me out *before* the class. Actually doing it, though, was empowering. It's given me back the big roads on my trips around town. I still prefer the quiet streets, but when needed, I don't fear the big streets anymore.

Pam Thompson
Dallas, TX

I'm an experienced cyclist with thousands of miles logged over the years, and yet this was still an enlightening and eye opening lesson for me. The instructors took us over areas that I would normally avoid like the plague - crossing highway 75 at Northwest Highway as well as Park Lane, riding in front of shopping malls with many entrances and exits, and so on - and showed us strategies on how to navigate them confidently. I'm not sure what all the drivers thought of us, but they all seemed to respect our place on the road.

Jon Dornback
Dallas, TX

Thanks for an amazing workshop weekend. Learned a lot and had lots of fun. Can't wait to recommend this to friends.

Deborah Hecht
Dallas, TX

There may be no busier place with more impatient cars than around NorthPark Mall on a Saturday. I did this exact ride in heavy traffic over the highway - and the cars were all safe and respectful. I discovered my new bike park...the city streets of Dallas.

Tim Tomlinson
Dallas, TX

I've been putting into practice all that I learned. As a person who has mobility challenges, buying the trike and getting out every nice day to ride is simply one of the best things I've ever done for myself. It's healthy, empowering and – most of all – fun.

Michie O'Day
Portland, ME


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“I discovered my new bike park...the city streets of Dallas.”

Tim Tomlinson
Dallas, TX

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